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Google DevFest 2017 I’m organizing side activities

DevFest is the biggest Google tech conference in Switzerland. All about machine learning, programming, emerging technologies and much more!  GDG DevFests are large, community-run developer events happening around the globe focused on community building and learning about Google’s technologies.

This year I will be helping and organizing some of the side activities between the talk session. And I prepared a lot of stuff, enough for 11 screens!

Not everything is on pictures, NES and SNES classic are missing for example.

ScreenGoogle RelatedFlyerRequireLinks
1Google Chrome OS #1{fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}HDMI / Wifi / keyboard / mouseRapberry Pi 3
2Google Chrome OS #2{fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}HDMI / Wifi / keyboard / mouseRapberry Pi 3
 Google Android Thing #1{fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}WifiRapberry Pi 3 + Tensorflow Sample
 Google Android Thing #2{fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}WifiRapberry Pi 3 
3Google Coder{fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}WifiRapsberry Pi 1 + Make web stuff on PI
4Google Chromecast HDMI + Wifi 
 Google Home Speaker Wifi 
Electronic DIY
 Rapsberry Pi 1 + Pi Face Digital {fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x} Wifi / Switch for SSH 
 Rapsberry Pi 1 + Gertboard {fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x} Wifi / Switch for SSH 
 Raspberry Pi 2 + PI Sense Hat{fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}



{fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}


{fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}

 Wifi / Switch for SSH
  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetometer
  • Temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Humidity
6Nintendo Wii U #1 + 4 Pad + Mario Kart 8 HDMI 
7Nintendo Wii U #2 + 2 Controller+ Mario Bros u HDMI 
8SNK Neo Geo X + Games + 2 pad {fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}HDMI 
9Nintendo NES mini classic + 2 pad + 21 games {fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}HDMI 
10Nintendo SNES mini classic + 2 pad + 21 games {fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}HDMI 
11Sega Megadrive Streefighter / Sonic + 2 pad RCA 
 2 Gameboy Classic {fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}N/A 
 3 Gameboy Advance SP {fa-file-pdf-o fa-2x}N/A 
 Nintendo DS Lite N/A 
 1 Gameboy Advance N/A 
 Chess Game N/A 
 Rubik’s Cube + Mindcuber N/A 
 Powerball N/A 

Get your ticket now 

BTW, I was also there last year in 2016, watch the gallery and also the interesting talks

Rapsberry Pi Gertboard

Named after its designer, Gert van Loo, the Gertboard is an IO expansion board for the Raspberry Pi with a lot of flexibility.

Plug the Gertboard into the GPIO header on your Raspberry Pi and you’re ready to start detecting and responding to events in the real world. Jumper wires (called “straps”) and pin jumpers are used to reconfigure the board in any number of ways. Whether you need to detect button presses or analog voltages, control motors or relays, the Gertboard is the ultimate tool for exploring the Raspberry Pi’s full I/O potential!


  • Plugs directly onto Raspberry Pi GPIO socket
  • Motor controller, capable controlling a motor bi-directionally, delivering 18V and 2A maximum
  • Dual-channel D-to-A converter, 8-bit
  • Dual-channel A-to-D converter, 10-bit
  • Onboard Atmel ATmega328 MCU for running off-board programs which are written, compiled and uploaded to Gertboard from Raspberry Pi
  • 6 x open collector outputs
  • 12 x LED indicators
  • 3 x momentary push switches
  • 10 x strap cables included
  • 18 x jumpers included

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