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Top 20 Replies by Programmers

Top 20 Replies by Programmers when their programs don’t work
 1. “It works on my machine.”  
 2. “Where were you when the program blew up?” 
 3. “Why do you want to do it that way?” 
 4. “You can’t use that version on your system.” 
 5. “Even though it doesn’t work, how does it feel?” 
 6. “Did you check for a virus on your system?” 
 7. “Somebody must have changed my code.” 
 8. “It works, but it hasn’t been tested.” 
 9. “THIS can’t be the source of THAT.” 
 10. “I can’t test everything!” 
 11. “It’s just some unlucky coincidence.” 
 12. “You must have the wrong version.” 
 13. “I haven’t touched that module in weeks!” 
 14. “There is something funky in your data.” 
 15. “What did you type in wrong to get it to crash?” 
 16. “It must be a hardware problem.” 
 17. “How it that possible?” 
 18. “It worked yesterday.” 
 19. “It’s never done that before…” 
 20. “That’s weird….” 

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Cédric Walter

I worked with various Insurances companies across Switzerland on online applications handling billion premium volumes. I love to continuously spark my creativity in many different and challenging open-source projects fueled by my great passion for innovation and blockchain technology.In my technical role as a senior software engineer and Blockchain consultant, I help to define and implement innovative solutions in the scope of both blockchain and traditional products, solutions, and services. I can support the full spectrum of software development activities, starting from analyzing ideas and business cases and up to the production deployment of the solutions.I'm the Founder and CEO of Disruptr GmbH.