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  • It isn't a crash- it's an upgrade opportunity
  • I only work to pay for more fuel……and blades…….and the occasional tail boom………and main shaft…….ain't gravity a Bitch!
  • Tthought I had saved it for a second there.
  • 30% nitromethan is like cocaine for a heli motor
  • What's the difference between an experienced pilot and a beginner? the experienced pilot knows how much the crash is going to cost him 3 meters before impact, the beginner doesn't know till he gets home and adds it up.
  • Modelers have a tendency to be optimistic, i.e. Crashes are just upgrade opportunities, its not going to rain, the wind will calm down later on, the wife wont notice the credit card bill, its not that expensive, etc….
  • The heli may sustain severe structural deformation due to excessive kinetic energy transfer caused by abrupt deceleration in the process of transferring from a gaseous to a solid medium. From Fritz @ RCO
  • Just an observation, but 1 hour of flying a helicopter is like 100 hours of flying a fixed wing. I think it has something to do with Dog years.
  • People often call a strong landing a crash. Also a loose crash is called landing.
  • The rotor is just a moveable derivative of a ceiling fan, used to keep the owner/operator cool. Notice how much they sweat when it stops.
  • Gravitational effects on your heli are proportional to the amount of money you have invested in it!
  • Definition of RC Helicopters : 1000 very expensive flying parts desperately trying to get away from each other.
  • Knowledge is power, Ignorance is free.
  • Problem is getting your brain, to get your hands, to tell your heli what to do
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