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Endless love

TROYES, France (AFP) — French philosopher Andre Gorz, 84, co-founder of the Nouvel Observateur weekly, has committed suicide together with his wife Dorine, relatives told AFP on Monday.
Dorine, who was 83 and of British origin, had been ill for several years. The couple were found by a friend side by side in their home southeast of Paris surrounded by letters written to close friends and relatives.
Born Gerard Horst in Vienna in 1923, Gorz became a naturalised French citizen in 1954 and made his name writing about ecology and anti-capitalism. He co-founded the Nouvel Observateur in 1954.
Last year Gorz wrote of his wife: "You have just turned 82. You are still beautiful, gracious and desirable. We have been living together for 58 years and I love you more than ever."

His letter to Dorine (Lettre à D. Histoire d’un amour 76 pages) is even better in French:

« […] Tu vas avoir quatre-vingt-deux ans. Tu as rapetissé de six centimètres, tu ne pèses que quarante-cinq kilos et tu es toujours belle, gracieuse et désirable. Cela fait cinquante-huit ans que nous vivons ensemble et je t’aime plus que jamais. Récemment, je suis retombé amoureux de toi une nouvelle fois et je porte de nouveau en moi un vide débordant que ne comble que ton corps serré contre le mien […] »

Les dernières phrases de son livre sont:

"Nous aimerions chacun ne pas survivre à la mort de l’autre. Nous nous sommes dit que si, par impossible, nous avions une seconde vie, nous voudrions la passer ensemble."

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