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Tag: PC and Hardware

Worth1000’s Apple contest

"Apple Inc. made their mark in the computer arena. They revolutionized the music player industry, and now they're poised to take over the phone market. What will Steve and the gang come up with next? or this contest,...

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ZFS: too good to be true

ZFS has so much promise that it sound to good to be true! I will make an extensive try of it soon.From ZFS: Threat or Menace? Pt. I…. In a storage industry where the hardware cost to protect data keeps rising, ZFS...

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soon ZFS under Linux

I am still testing my NAS system (seven 300Gb disks) and while testing OpenSolaris (under Belenix), and Googling I found that page: This blog is about the Google Summer of Code project "ZFS filesystem for FUSE/Linux"...

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NAS @ HOME glossary of terms

origin: WikiPediaSAMBAAn open source implementation of the SMB file sharing protocol that provides file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. Samba allows a non-Windows server to communicate with the same networking protocol...

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