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Tag: installation

OpenComment news

What’s new wth opencomment today? I work hard to bring some new functionnalities:A new Admin tab: spammers which regroup all antispammer plugins,Auto discovery of smilies pack is working, with a check to see if it is...

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com_securityimages 3.0.0rc2

Has been released at #Joomla Forge, see details hereIt is also rnning on my homepage so it is a pretty stable version 😉 tested against akcomment, akobook, contactSecurityimages 3.0.0rc2new: Logged in Users No/Yes Switch off...

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Joomla CMS GPL development news

In order to better test the code I am giving You, I have now locally running… DEV: developing new PHP code, connected to CVS at #Joomlaforge TEST to test component installation and code in a clean #Joomla installation. If...

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Protect Mambo against spammers!

Installation of Hashcash, Security images, and modified version of AkoComment, AkoBook, Contact for MamboDocumentation version 1.0Bundle version 1.0 available in my download section Report any bugs...

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