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Tag: hardware

High avaibility NAS File Server

 I will be building in the next few days my own Network Array Storage (NAS) monster:RAID 6 , instead of RAID5, so 2 disks can fail in the array. A 7 Hot spare is plannedHardware RAID because the cheap motherboard (NVIDIA)...

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Google hardware

I am looking for a new hardware, probably a Athlon 64 with raid5 support and nvidia chipset. a shame; Nforce4 is not well supported on #Linux. Anyway, I came across that page at Wikipedia on GOOGLE hardware. Quite interesting...

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hard time for M$

An interesting theory about China, IBM and M$ and why China may be preparing an alternate OS running on Lenovo hardware (IBM has sold its hardware division to Lenovo (Forbes))… A public University (Penn...

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Linux Incompatibility List

The #Linux Incompatibility List is an attempt to catalog and document hardware/peripherals of all kinds that do not work with the #Linux operating system. Fortunately, at this point in time, there is far, far more hardware that...

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