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Most famous VOIP software: Skype

Most famous VOIP software: Skype
 Skype  is a famous VOIP (Voice Over IP= telefon call using internet as a medium to transport voice). Using skype has a lot of benefits:

  • Unlimited conversation time with user using internet.
  • Incredible voice and sound quality, even on a modem 56Kb
  • A nice GUI which look the same on all plattform (Windows | Mac OS X | #Linux | Pocket PC), with a search engine to locate Your friends.
  • Firewall, NAT and proxy friendly, no worries about network configuration. (It use the port 80 like a browser)
  • Completelly free version. it does not contain spyware or advertising. You can even call someone on a regular phone (without internet) by paying yearly fees (Skype out).
  • End-to-end encryption: every data leaving Your Pc are encrypted (SSL 128bits)
  • A great community up to 20 Millions users (ForumsCommunity)

Skype has recently see the start of some intersting plugin for it, especially for adding Video to it

  • vSkype adds video and sharing to your Skype experience. Getting started is simple. Just connect a camera, and invite up to 200 buddies to a video call. It does not exist right now but may appear soon.
  • Dialcom’s Spontania video plug-in is designed to be integrated with any 3rd party Internet-based communication solution. It is right now available for skype (windows only 🙁 ) and it work perfectly.

In order to enjoy video with a computer, I recommend You to buy a GOOD webcam: (sorry to say that I did not have any luck with 2 basic logitech webcam at 60 euro). Buy at least: 640×480 pixels at 60fps (120euro), nothing else! Philips webcam are known to wook good in low lights conditions. it’s a more expensive combo but You will never regret it!

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