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Maximise you screen with winsplit revolution

Maximise you screen with winsplit revolution

WinSplit Revolution is a small utility which allows you to easily organize your open windows by tiling, resizing and positioning your windows to make the best use of your desktop real estate.

WinSplit is especially useful for high-end LCD screens with big resolutions because it helps you to efficiently manage many active windows.

Modern day monitors continually provide higher resolutions and for this reason I developed a simple program that permits you to “divide” your screen into several parts, halves, thirds, fourths, etc…
For instance, a window can be resized and moved to left half or the right half or top or corner… of the screen.

Start it and It will stay resident in the taskbar


 CTRL-ALT_M and it will make a mosai, it also support dual screens 😉


I really like this small freeware a lot, download it here 

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