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Google Desktop available on Linux

Google Desktop available on Linux

Google was set to launch late on Wednesday a beta version of Google Desktop search for #Linux in a sign of encouragement by the search giant for #Linux on the desktop.

Google Desktop allows people to search the Web while also searching the full text of all the information on their computer, including Gmail and their Web search history. Because the index is stored locally on the computer, users can access Gmail and Web history while offline. from

 You can now use on linux:

Mac user can also enjoy some Google tools like Desktop search

t was a nice surprise for me to see that google desktop does not eat too much resources, even when indexing the harddrive. Better than beagle (.NET under Mono) or Strigi, Pinot, Tracker and Recoll (these five search engines work together on a common search API for the free desktop called Xesam [].).
Time to install OpenSuse again 🙂

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