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Dropbox Dropquest chapter 1

Dropbox Dropquest chapter 1

If you want an extra gigabyte of storage on your Dropbox account, the online cloud service invites you to compete in its second annual “Dropquest” online scavenger hunt.

It’s a series of logic puzzles that will make you browse around the Web while also learning about the various features and services that Dropbox offers. Anyone who makes it to the end will get an extra gigabyte, but the first person to complete it wins a grand prize package culminating in a 100 GB account, free for life.

Dropquest Chapter 1

  1. The product of the first two digits is 24.
  2. The fourth digit is half of the second digit.
  3. The sum of the last two digits is the same as the sum of the first and third digits.
  4. The sum of all the digits is 26.
  5. The second digit is greater than the last digit.

if abcde is the password….

  • a*b=24
  • d=b/2
  • e+d=a+c
  • a+b+c+d+e=26
  • b>e

Valid solutions are

  1. a=3 b=8 c=6 d=4 e=5
  2. a=1 b=24 c=0 d=12 e=-11
  3. a=2 b=12 c=5 d=6 e=1

The first one is the only one that create a 5 digits password :-))

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