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Agile Scrum anti patterns

Really worth reading if you are experiencing Agile Scrum development.


I do think AGILE and SCRUM has its place.  It is just that I believe this place is running projects under 5 people and delivery durations of less than 6 months. At that level, employing the right people with the right skills and motivation frequently guarantees that MAGIC will occur. The new media industry proves this everyday, irrespective of approach /method used. Good people always have the potential to overcome deficiencies with methods /approaches and poor management. I have seen it time and time again.

From AGILE /SCRUM Fails to get to grips with Human Psychology.
Posted by Kevin Brady on Thu 17th August 2006 at 03:10 PM, Filed in Software Dev Methodologies,  Key Articles

This is what I would call 

anti patterns for Scrum

I think you can learn a lot more from these anti scrum pattern failures than from success stories. The path to success is narrower than you may think!, and you can be on a parallel road leading to a failure. Take also time to read all the comments, some are really interesting.

What is the most interesting is this article was written in 2006!

AGILE /SCRUM Fails to get to grips with Human Psychology.

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