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Why You should not trust Microsoft antispyware!

Strange the definition itself of spyware (Wikipedia) is changing at Microsoft Headquarter constantly…

Microsoft sets Claria to "Ignore" where a person explains in its blog how Microsoft decide to change the level of threat of a spyware company (Claria) from quarantine to ignore. So there is only 2 possibility for me:

  • 1. Claria is not a spyware company anymore, I dont think so since Gator spyware is still their main product,
  • 2. Claria fund/discuss with X for not blocking them,

I find this revolting to say the least, and that is why I do not trust Microsoft antispyware program (and You shouldn’t as well) but better rely on some free, and/or open source variants: (the more You run the better protection You have)

If You do not use any spyware program, this is probably how Your browser looks like 🙁
A lot of virulent comments can also be read on

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