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Videolan getting better at each release!

While Microsoft want to put a lot of DRM (Digital Right Management) everywhere in its new OS: Longhorn…

  • In all softwares: video player, file viewer and even in office documents (also in order to disallow legal reverse engineering…because protected DRM file are not subject to free reverse engineering in America)

BUT there is still an island of resistance, where open source formats (and a lot of closed) are fully supported
If You wan to enjoy a media player which is not calling home each time You open a video, and
not crippled with DRM, then You are ready to try VideoLan in it’s version 0.8.2

You can enjoy Videolan on the following plattform:
Windows, Mac OS X, BeOS, Debian GNU/Linux, Mandrake #Linux, Fedora Core, Familiar #Linux, YOPY/Linupy, Zaurus, SuSE #Linux, Red Hat #Linux,WinCE / PocketPC, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, QNX, Gentoo #Linux, Crux #Linux.
A good blog on DRm can be found Here
By the way, refuse to encode in WMV (prefer XVID) or AAC (prefer MP3 or better OGG) or buy player which want to linit your liberty with DRM.
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