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unclutter the MSN live messenger interface

unclutter the MSN live messenger interface

"Windows Live Messenger goes beyond the traditional instant messaging (IM) service, enabling people to connect and share, with free PC-to-PC calls and inexpensive calls from a PC to phones around the world, video calling, easy sharing with Sharing Folders, and more. "

it use a highly proprietary protocol, that has been reversed engineered in many opensource variant. If you want to use all advanced features, you will be disapointed by open source IM…
As soon as You install MSN Live, your desktop will popup a lot of advertissments, and uneeded stuff.

But there is a very simple way to clan an remove all uneeded stuff in Messenger…an it is call A-patch

"Featuring a massive 71 options! A-Patch boasts a tremendous amount of customization to better your Windows Live/MSN Messenger experience, with even more planned! Remove advertisements and buttons you don’t need, cut down on wasted space, sign-in to more than one e-mail address at the same time and even more features just waiting for you to take advantage of! "

Take the control back of MSN messenger, use A-Patch

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