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The rule of the game

Rule #1 Do not click everywhere without first looking at the link where you shall Go

I yesterday notice something new happening  on the Internet (beside other millions things). New company are surfing on the open source wave and trick users in order to make big amount of cash.
While this is nothing new, or condemnable I am only here explaining why they just want to make money as fast as possible (imagine 100’000 persons clicking in a hidden sponsored links) without contributing back.
Lets me show You what I mean: type "Firefox" in Google and observe the top link (both sponsored and the 5 highest result), they all lead You to page not affiliated or sponsored by Google or affiliate by Mozilla.
These pages (I dont WANT to give You their URL in order to not improve their pagerank) are presenting in a shiny design links to Google package or a link to the latest Firefox program.
What is disturbing me, is that they use a trick, they do not promote open source (yes the user base increase) nor contributed money back, but use google affliate to receive big amount of cash (nearly $2 per install) as google sponsored this through Google Referals

What is Google AdSense Referrals?
Referrals is a feature of AdSense that allows website publishers to increase their revenue while increasing their users’ awareness of useful products and services. By adding a referral button to a site, publishers can direct users to products like AdSense, AdWords, Picasa, Google Pack and Firefox with Google Toolbar. When a referral connects a user to AdSense, AdWords Picasa, Google Pack or Firefox, Google pays the publisher. Now publishers can introduce their visitors to services that will help them monetize their websites or improve their web browsing experience, and earn more revenue.

Basically it is not bad, it permit users to install quality open source applications, but why monetizing publishers and not the community itself? This site is powered by Open Souce operating system, software and I am making free publicity to the respective OSS projects, I wont be rich, but I accept that.
If they ever contribute money back…but they dont. So do not help these people, do not offer them a Yacht, but better make  a $2 donations to the open source project directly. Now I would recommend Firefox to put something similar on THEIR main site ( to make some money

So give money to open source project and don’t help opportunist.

Beside fom that Firefox 2.0 is available trrought FTP at the Mozilla server
We are all  part of a bigger system… 

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