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Thanks to the open source community!

Thanks to the open source community!
NO Software Patents in Europe – 10 days of web strike Vs 20 years of patent nightmare
In the next few days, the European Parliament will decide about the legalisation and adoption of so-called "software patents" in Europe, which are already used by large companies
in other countries to put competitors out of business. This can lead to the termination of many GNU/GPL software projects, at least within Europe, because
the holders of the over 30,000 already granted "software patents" (currently without a legal foundation) can claim exclusive rights and collect license fees
for trivial things like "progress bars", "mouseclicks on online order forms", "scrolling within a window" and similar. That way, software developers will have to pay the
"software-patentholders" for using these features, even in their own, completely self-developed applications, which can completely stall the development of innovative software
for small and medium companies. Apart from this, the expense for patent inquiries and legal assistence is high, for even trying to find out if the self-developed software is
possibly violating "software-patents", if you want to continue to market your software. Contrary to real patents, "software-patents" are, in the current draft,
monopolization of business ideas and methods, even without any tangible technical implementation.
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Thanks to the open source community!
This site is existing and running virtually at nearly no licence cost and use top of the art open source technology!!!

PHP scripting
GIMP graphical editor, as powerful as
Jedit The best JAVA Text
Suse 9.0 my operating
VirtualDubVideo editing
OperaMy Favorite browser, not open source but at least
exist on nearly all platforms.
And others…  

Open source is the future!

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