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Standard Linux was 36% lower overall TCO than Microsoft´s platforms and applications

Additionally, we made the following concessions to tip the scales in Microsoft’s favour.

  1. We didn’t modify the model to reflect research by the Robert Frances Group which shows that #Linux needed 82% fewer staff-resources.
  2. We have not included the costs of malware; viruses, spyware, worms, keyloggers, adware etc. Every research point we have found suggests that this cost is essentially and predominantly a Windows platform cost, resulting in billions lost by business every year.
  3. We have also not included the substantial costs which arise when systems need to be pre-emptively rebooted or worse, crash, resulting in unscheduled downtime. All our research indicates that #Linux rarely if ever suffers such problems and open source platforms on the whole are extremely robust.
  4. Finally, because Microsoft has claimed that introducing #Linux into an environment will lead to increased reliance on external consultants, we have tripled the amount budgeted for such requirements on the #Linux models. more HERE (PDF 2Mb)

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