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Real alternatives to Microsoft Groove are HERE!

It has a lot of functionnalities, similar to Groove and run on #Linux, Mac, windows. 100% #Java – build on Eclipe RCP (Rich Client Platform).
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Work together and share information with team members anywhere, anytime, with anyone. Get started with the new Collaber.
Collaber brings a Virtual Office Environment for your team to share files, events, tasks, manage projects and get the work done as if they are all located in the same location, no matter where the members are physically located. It keeps your date safe and secure.

  • Complete end to end data encryption, on the disk and on the network
  • P2P architecture to leverage available processing and network power
  • Easy customization of GUI with movable views and editors
  • Context sensitive menus, help
  • New Wizards for all the tasks involved
  • File Sharing and Synchronization
  • Picture Sharing
  • Discussion and Chat Tools
  • Task Management with Time Line and Reports
  • Calendar Tool for organizing events
  • Easy Messaging with attachments and history
  • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac

You can search in workspace for files, and the new version 1.0.8 will have a basic file versionning system! (something Groove really lack).

It is also worth mentioning other projects:

  • Collanos (Windows, Mac, #Linux) – #Java. Less functionnalities at the moment. Also using #Eclipse RCP.
  • Mira groupware quite advanced
  • Lucane (java) groupware

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