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Project Scribble at sourceforge

 I have convince Ianl Ford to publish the source code of it’s game Scribble screenshot here, to sourceforge Project: Scribble Game

A word game featuring double-letter score, triple-word score, etc. You play against the fast and furious robot. 100% #Java. The project could use a look-ahead algorithm and some better choices of dictionaries.
Development Status: 5 – Production/Stable

  • Intended Audience: Developers, Education
  • Operating System: OS Independent (Written in an interpreted language)
  • Programming Language: #Java
  • Topic: Board Games
  • User Interface: #Java AWT

I have already done a lot of small things…thanks to eclipse and it’s integrated refactoring browser

  • Huge refactoring : 12 new packages, no magic values in code, interface, factories, abstractions, and so on…
  • Add log4j support,
  • Create a robot: Dummy because Einstein as strategist is playing too good
  • A french dictionnary (ODS4: 369085 words) and a german one are on track…
  • Internationalization: US-FR-DE

You can participate to the project by contacting the administrator, I especially need help with AWT/(use SWT?)
I will publish change to sourceforge CVS soon…

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