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Pathetic (FUD) Fear Uncertainty Doubt of Microsoft

Interesting, after 100 lines I stop reading this promotionnal articles, really good FUD (wikipedia):
Microsoft is hosting a discussion on Windows and #Linux between its two top #Linux consultants. Martin Taylor and Bill Hilf talk about the various OS

"We believe the way to integrate software, and the way to get software to work in a heterogeneous environment, is through promoting open standards"
a Funny response of a
slashdotter below…. so true and more to read here
Can somebody hit Bill with a clue-by-four and ask him about
1. Samba, and why the Samba project had to reverse-engineer everything?
2. Microsoft Office, and the hoops had to jump through to reverse-engineer their document storage format?
3. NTFS, and why #Linux still can't support NTFS write natively (without using a MS DLL)?
4. All the hidden system calls that Microsoft uses internally, and which came up in the anti-trust case?

shame on You M$
more comments, all credits to authors on

a brief synopsys?
Corporate-speak FUD
Slick FUD
Unbelievably clumsy and obvious FUD
Laughable FUD
Bone to the FOSS community
Conclusion: FUD

Discussion = earnest conversation.
Propaganda = The systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause.

foreach ($potential_problem) (@linux){
print "Linux is okay but it has this $potential_problem\n";
print "Yes, and I think you can see that Microsoft addresses this $potential_problem to the benefit of our customers!\n";

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