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OpenSUSE 11.1 ships December 18th, 2008 for both download and boxed editions!

My favorite #Linux distribution is ready to be delivered in no less than 2 days…

I will share it with bittorrent 2 weeks long and will provide some first feedback on how it react on my 2 computer.

Sneak Peeks at openSUSE 11.1: Improved Installation, Easier Administration

Vista/Mac OSX has raised the bar in the area of good looking desktop, but openSUSE is now also able to fight back, just look at the screen  shots below for getting an insight in the new openSUSE 11.1:

Upon logging into your openSUSE desktop, you’ll be asked to send some hardware information to the Smolt Project. I like the idea of submitting real hardware profiles to developer so they can really concentrate on real hardware support requirement. In the same area, I would like to see a post mortem process crash agent like in XP/Vista so real statistics can be made and bugs corrected faster…

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