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Microsoft isn’t evil. But it is too powerful

Microsoft isn’t evil. But it is too powerful, and consumers are being harmed by it. They’re limiting the available software, and charging us more and more for it. 
With less competition comes less real innovation and less genuine improvement. The only new ideas that get to market are those that serve Microsoft’s agenda. The real improvements that come along, do so much more slowly. That means less stable, less powerful software, for higher prices… and even mandatory renewals or upgrades just to keep using your computer. Microsoft is so entrenched and powerful that new companies can’t get a foothold to compete against them directly. American politicians (of either major party) won’t take them on, because Microsoft funds so many elections. It’s all a big chess game to the execs at Microsoft, the goal of which is stated in the company motto: "Microsoft software on every computer." And if you’re running any Microsoft software, it’s designed to work well with only Microsoft software. They nearly "own" the industry.
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