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Microsoft and Linux

Microsoft FUD by Steve Ballmer
and response from Novell SUSE:
So lets summarize

  • Bill Gates has not see that a PC may need one day more than 640Kb…
  • M$ has not see the boom of internet and has waited till Netscape show them what to do… (browser)
  • M$ has not see the boom of internet search engine (Google), they start MSN search…
  • M$ has not see the boom of mobile mp3 player (Ipod & Itunes), they start MSN Music service…
  • M$ has not seen #Linux Server and High Power Computing coming (HPC clusters), but M$ has now W2k 2003 with a media player and Internet explorer: an insecure browser running in kernel space!!!
  • M$ has not see managed code and JVM abstraction advantages (JAVA), they start .NET
  • M$ has not see that a PC may belong to a familly (real multiuser)
  • M$ has not see that an OS need a firewall installed as default, the have one in SP2 (2004, 10 years after windows95) but it can be switch off by the first worm….

Hum for the first company In world, I am asking myself what M$ is doing with their R&D budget? correcting a huge moutain of bugs or only buying nearly finished products from startup?
Lets face, M$ is the first company in world not because they merit it, simply they were at the right place at the right time.

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