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Are Anti virus and Windows not flawed???

Are  Anti virus and Windows not flawed???

It can’t be that my anti virus want to scan my disk every  day (default settings) and take 23 hours to do so.

  • Either windows stop and sandbox all applications using an hypervisor…and KNOW what
    applications are doing or what is written down to disk so the anti virus scan can be optimized
  • Or disks must be a lot faster! my 3 eclipse version and 10 workspaces (1’500’000 java files) are clearly
    showing the limit of actual hard disks. Defrag is done on a weekly basis…

At the end, these anti virus are just sucking my CPU brute power (peak 20%) and worst of all a good part of IO
power, and trust me windows IO are just hilarious compared to #Linux, try eclipse under #Linux it just fly!


Pictured is AVG but this post is not targeted against it. They are ALL ridiculously slow.

Windows just can’t protect itself from Internet and mitigate attacks that it need a range of 3rd
party software…sucking power and my time. We are far away from the Internet OS

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