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Android how to delete system application and remove unwanted MyTaxi on Galaxy S3

I use the hard way, free but a bit more difficult as it require a rooted device, I personally use “Android Terminal Emulator” with granted root permissions (after typing su a prompt will appear)

Android how to delete system application

su (enter) mount -o rw,remount /system (enter) rm -r /system/app/FILE-NAME-HERE.apk (enter)

How to remove this SHIT of myTaxi – Passenger Taxi App on Samsung Galaxy S3

This application got installed without my knowledge by a Samsung update as a System App that CANNOT BE UN INSTALLED!

First before I forgot: Go to hell Samsung and Intelligent Apps GmbH

If either of you continue in that direction, installing software without my prior permission, the next update to my Samsung Galaxy S3 will be CyanogenMod 10

Back to the removal of MyTaxi,  Samsung did hide under the name /system/app/samsung_ch.apk

To remove it

su (enter) mount -o rw,remount /system (enter) rm -r /system/app/samsung_ch.apk (enter)
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