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How to replace the damping material of a BOS Oval exhaust

A small Do It Yourself (DIY) that i will never do anymore as it is really dirty and may be also very unhealthy (you MUST wear a mask). This BOS exhaust has an ABE number, and was simply making way too much noise for Switzerland. It is normal that after some kilometers the content get more compacted and as a result make the exhaust more noisy. Price of a new BOS Oval exhaust silencer is 475 euro

Total costs:

  • 42 euro for the Bos re-pack kit for 1 silencer Complete with stainless steel wool, Fibercon damping material and gas-tight stainless rivets. (Ref 333001)
  • 52 euro for a stronger Rivet pliers (able to ply 4.5mm stainless rivets)

First things to do is to open the casing, depending on your muscles and if you plan not to damage the casing, it can be quite challenging. A BOS exhaust is oval and has nearly no grip possibility. This is where some ratchet straps may help. You will have to use at least 4 of them!

I use 2 straps to apply a force laterally and 2 to maintain the strap around the casing


You can pull 1.6 Tons of traction even on these small straps! Check your pillar (here my balcony pillar did resist 🙂 ). Chance are that you will open the exhaust that way.

The dirty part now start, remove the old damping material

And place the new one, first the stainless steel wool

then the Fibercon damping material, all of it, till you reach the diameter of the casing

Close the casing and you’re done. You’ll have just to wash your hands during 2 days to remove the black oily color and smell 🙂

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