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Dainese V neck 2

Dainese V neck 2

I am going from a Dainese Back Space 3 (140€ on left side)  to a Dainese V Neck 2 (340€ on right side)

 Dainese Back Space 3jacket-wave-v2_neck_all

This product makes it “seem” safer to ride a motorcycle…perhaps one of the best products I have ever bought! I hope as always that I will NEVER have to test it in an accident.


  • Numerous arm/elbow protections provide maximum coverage.
  • Neck protection sits just in place.
  • Chest protection is stiff and covers entire chest
  • Back protection reaches even below the lower back – covers entire spine! and it has zippers in the back and can be fully detached.


  • Very good overall protection just in case, I would better NEVER fall down or hit something with or without this armor, but with, it can’t be worse and may help!
  • Doesn’t limit movement at least while riding, wont walk a lot with it through the city anyway.
  • On really hot days, can be use over a shirt, and may offer same protection as a leather jacket.


  • Cleaning the item seems to be hard since plastic protections are built in and can’t be removed.
  • You look like a gladiator, or a SWAT officer.. this kind of items will force you to make more fitness, which is healthy anyway 🙂
  • A bit pricey, but still one third of a cheap carbon exhaust 🙂

As I am 1.85m, the size L fits perfectly for me.  I will provide a better feedback after the first 1000 km.

A very good Dainese product!



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