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Vmware Virtual Appliance Ubuntu 11.10 x64 Desktop

Vmware Virtual Appliance Ubuntu 11.10 x64 Desktop

Download and install VMware Player 4.0.2 to run this Virtual Appliance “Ubuntu 11.10 x64 Server”


Ready to user stock #Ubuntu 64 bit Desktop 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) on Vmware

This virtual appliance may be used by multi purpose operations, such as source control management server, development server, ftp server, and so on…


Download for FREE #Ubuntu 11.10 x64 Desktop.7z (4.65GB) for Vmware 


  • VM Information
    • CPU’s : 1
    • Memory : 1G
    • Disk : 20G
  • Authentication Credentials
    • Username : user
    • Password : user1234

Root password is not set!

Some operating systems does not enable root password by default in order to protect the system files. In these systems, user may gain root access by using “sudo” command, with determining his/her own password.

Example : with this command, user will be able of restarting the system.

sudo init 1 user

If the system does not set root password during the installation time, again by default we are not setting any root password.

But if you want to enable the root password, after logging in with your user you may always use the command

sudo passwd root

and then start to use the root account too.

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