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Reiserfs v4 is out since 31.12.2004

Hans Reiser, author of the ReiserFS program, created benchmarking tests designed to be fairly representative of the file-size distribution of most users. "Reiser4 does quite well on all benchmarks," he said. "With Reiser4, we took five different technical gambles, and all of them worked.

  • Official homepage of reiserfs v4 (very technical)
  • Lindows, Suse, Darpa (The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) are major supporter of Namesys and reiserfs

I plan to use this fantastic file system (3 to 4 times faster than NTFS) as soon I have more report on its stability.  Anyway it is already in use on a small partition (10Gb) on my Suse 9.2 box (but do not contains any critical data)

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