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Quick review of SuSE 10.0

Suse 10 linux I’ve done right now the migration to Suse linux 10 on 2 computer

Novell has killed the SUSE pro version and now offer:

  • A box version, for 59€
  • An Eval version (identical content as the box version but without printed manual or support) this one can be download using http, ftp mirror or better bittorent.
  • A 3rd version, which is open source only (understand without any commercial or closed source apps) can also be downloaded from

Note that all 3 versions above share the same source code base (open source kernel and extension developped at

As usual, if You want to try for the first time a linux distribution, I recommend You to try the live DVD version (both 32 bits and 64 bits cpu version is available).

{mosgoogle center}

My experience with Update

  1. HP nx7000 has been migrated succesffuly from suse 9.3 to 10 without any pain (reboot ladtop with dvd inside and choose installation then update) Note that before updating I was forced to remove all major (and for me vital application): Videolan, mplayer, amule among others… The wireless and bluetooth card are working perfectly without any intervention (was not the case under 9.3 pro)
  2. My destop during update always hang after 54 minutes (during install of rpm mms (a winamp like) install) I was force to do a fresh install. I am convince it can not be a SUSE fault.

Quick review:

  • a lot more polished in KDE control center (thanks to KDE 3.4.2)
  • blazing fast during boot time, for sure 5 times faster with my setup (same hardware) – responsiveness desktop as ever, the NVIDIA driver installed after “online update” allow 3D acceleration right out the box
  • Superkaramba has been integrated into KDE, it has never been so easy to locate new themes (so call desktop widget), thanks to an integrated search engine, install or administrate them.
  • The “search box” in start menu is so great that I do not understand why microsoft has not done it before. this “search box” act like a search engine which allow You to queries the start menu with keywords. Example? searching a browser program by “internet”, or “browser” highlight matching entries

A detailled review will follow soon….

Links to reviews

  1. Mad penguin

{mosgoogle center}

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