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Other reviews links SuSE #Linux 9 November 13 2003 SuSE #Linux 9, the latest release from Nuremberg, Germany-based SuSE #Linux, was released at the end of last month. I put SuSE #Linux Professional through its paces, and found it to be the most user-friendly #Linux distribution on the market. It’s not a “must” update for users of previous versions, but it does have some nice perks. more SUSE 9.0: A Distro Worth Paying For By Ross M. Greenberg Europeans are different from North Americans. They have all this cool, colorful money with lots of zeroes. They can smoke where they want to. And they are trendsetters, listening to strange new music and buying cars with heated seats. more A Week with SuSE 9 January 25 by Gotroot Welcome to the second installment of a new series. As mentioned in the last installment, during this project, I’ll be installing several #Linux distributions, running them each for a 5 day week, and keeping a daily journal. more OPTED TO THE NINES SUSE unwraps a must-have desktop distribution for power-hungry power users wanting more than the latest and greatest in 32 bits. more SuSE #Linux 9.0 Professional Review by Steve Barnhart 2003-11-18 “I recently picked up a copy of SuSE 9.0 Professional. I have never used or been familiar with a SuSE product before as I’ve only used Mandrake, Red Hat, and a bit of Debian. After using Red Hat for a while I decided to evaluate SuSE and I am now sorry for not having tried it sooner.” more SuSE #Linux Professional version 9.0 Review 2003-12-30 “A1-Electronics reviews the latest version 9.0 from SuSE of their #Linux operating system.” more SuSe – #Linux 9.0 review 18/01/2004 “The subtitle of this review could so easily be ‘a tale of two operating systems.’ That one of them is good and the other bad should not be surprising; that they are both the same operating system might raise more of an eyebrow.” more Suse 9.0 Professional Review “This is a review of SUSE #Linux 9.0 Professional Edition.” more SuSE #Linux Professional 9.0 By Oliver Kaven November 25, 2003 “With an attractive interface and a unique, comprehensive configuration tool, SuSE #Linux Professional 9.0 offers rich features and simplicity for mainstream users and small businesses alike.” more Review Corner more

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