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OpenSuse 11.0 reviews

OpenSuse 11.0 reviews

geeko I am a SUSE and OpenSuse user since the version 9.0 (back to 2003) and I
decided to install the latest sequel, aka OpenSUSE 11.0 the same day it came out.

You can read a lot of positive review below:

What has impressed me after only 4 days,

  • Was the time it has took to install a full KDE4 desktop: no more than 25 minutes.
  • YAST auto detect the resolution of my ceiling projector a lot better (like any windows XP)
  • The number of 3rd party repository is huge and is just a few clicks away, so installing VLC,
    NVIDIA, ATI drivers and software (Google PICASA, Google Earth) has never been so easy.
  • KDE 4 has never crash (till now) even with COMPIZ activated as default.
  • KDE4 transparent icon surrounding is a bit disturbing at first, but I assume this feature can be switch off.
  • Software update are a lot faster and the tray icon checking for update is so fast that you’ll
    forget all issues encountered with OpenSUSE 10.3

All in all a very good operating system that I truly like using every day.

Download your live CD or DVD here

KDE 4.1 is getting better and better everyday and will soon look like any MAC or Vista,
look here some astonishing screen shots


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