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Novell SLES9 vs Microsoft Win2k3 in a Windows Network

by Gsurface on 23 Oct 2004
With Novell’s recent release of their SLES9 server (Suse #Linux Enterprise Server), I decided to compare their new offering against Microsoft’s Windows 2003 Server (Enterprise Edition) in a Windows based network environment. Can SLES9 be a viable server solution as an answer to using a Windows 2003 Server?

As you can see, Novell’s SLES9 is a very worthy contender to Microsoft’s Win2k3 Server in a Windows environment. Not only does SLES9 perform better on the same hardware, but it costs less – possibly more than 1/10th the cost of a Microsoft solution. So most of the “Lower Cost of Ownershipâ€? talk coming out of Redmond is either just plain false, or they think people cannot comprehend anything relating to computers that is not a Microsoft Solution. …
.” read the complete review HERE

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