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Map Synology network drive under linux

Map Synology network drive under linux

How to mount your Synology NAS (or any other NAS brand) shared folder under #Linux using CIFS.

CIFS stands for “Common Internet File System,” also known under the older name SMB (Server Message Block),  which is a network protocol used by Windows clients for issuing file access requests to Windows servers

Open a terminal and as root, create as many directory as needed in /mnt/

sudo mkdir /mnt/video
sudo mkdir /mnt/music

Unfortunately there is no frontend or editor user interface for maintaining  the entries of /etc/fstab, you’ll have to use your favorite text editor to add the following entries (one shared folder = one line)

vi /etc/fstab
//ipadress/shareName  /mnt/directory cifs iocharset=utf8,user=synologyUser,password=synologyUserPassword,rw, 
uid=linuxLogonUser,gid=linuxLogonUserGroup 0 0

For example, in OpenSuSE 11.3

//nas/video /mnt/video cifs iocharset=utf8, 
user=admin,password=admin,rw,uid=cedric,gid=users 0 0

Start also Dolphin (Dolphin is the default KDE 4 file manager), or your preferred file explorer, and navigate to /mnt.

You can now drag each directory to the left bar (“Places”) for quicker access


Or you can drag them on the desktop


Choose either Folder view to view content in real time in a plasma widget, or as icon. You can see the result below:


You’re done, I did also remove Kaffeine, install VLC and I am enjoying Streaming from the Synology NAS


I did also add this how to to the official Synology WIKI page

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