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Linux has a better TCO than 30%

According to the latest studies in germany (companies not affiliate with M$).

But what is the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)?? The table below show You the main differences between
Free Softwares and Proprietary Softwares TCO.

 Free Softwares and Proprietary Softwares TCO.
All Costs = TCOFree SoftwaresProprietary Softwares
Buy the software0$
Configuration – installation$$
Curative maintenance$$
Preventive maintenance$$$
Corrective maintenance$$$
Adaptative maintenance$$$
Evolutive maintenance$$
Respect standards$$$$
Hardware compatibility$$
Security: resisting to intrusions$$$$
Security: resisting to virus$$$$
Necessity to replace
regurly equipmeent
Dependency to a company$$$$

Source : Eikonex – Free software

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