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Via Ferrata Rigidalstockgrat: An Epic Alpine Adventure (K3, West K4 – K4.5 )

Via Ferrata Rigidalstockgrat: An Epic Alpine Adventure (K3, West K4 – K4.5 )

Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland lies a via ferrata that promises adventure-seekers an unforgettable journey. Via Ferrata Rigidalstockgrat, often referred to as Rigidalstockgrat, is a hidden gem among the Swiss Alps’ many climbing routes. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of this exhilarating via ferrata, sharing all you need to know to prepare for and embark on this thrilling alpine experience.

Understanding Via Ferrata

Before we delve into the specifics of Via Ferrata Rigidalstockgrat, let’s clarify what a via ferrata is. Originating from Italian, “via ferrata” translates to “iron path.” These climbing routes are characterized by steel cables, ladders, and rungs anchored to the rock, allowing climbers to ascend steep terrain safely. Via ferratas blend the thrill of climbing with the accessibility of hiking, making them accessible to a wide range of adventurers.

A very demanding approach


To tackle a via ferrata, you’ll need appropriate climbing gear. A climbing harness, helmet, via ferrata lanyard with energy absorber, and gloves are essential. These can typically be rented if you don’t have your own equipment.

My notes

The uphill approach walk is really demanding, took me 2h without break from Brunnistöckli. The walk ended being more difficult than the K3 due to the steepness, small rocks limiting speed and making the road hazardous. A good self balance and sure footness is required!

The approach in videos

There is no water source on the road, I recommend to have 3 litres or more and hide the bottles on the path up to avoid transporting them to the summit and down. I was having 0.5 liter water and when back at the station drank 1.5l in one shot: I was clearly dehydrated!

Reserve enough time! 2h uphill approach, 1.5h climbing, 45min climbing down and 2h walk to reach the valley. Last chair-lift at 16:30, Last cable car at 17:00

It is a lot colder than in the middle station, summit via ferrata is at 2593m, so be prepared and use a wind stopper coat.

The walk is really demanding, expect to suffer a lot more than on the via ferrata!

Don’t go left at the beginning of the via ferrata: on the left (Rigidalstockgrat west) this is a K4, K4.5 (a wall): it is not for beginner! you can only go uphill. Experienced climbers start with the Rigidalstockgrat west (K4-K4.5) and go down with the Rigidalstockgrat (K3). I met some experienced climbers and they said the track has changed and some part is now a K4.5.

The Rigidalstockgrat is K3 and easy, You won’t fear heights. One section of this via ferrata is difficult, where there are 5 stairs, use the steel cable if you feel in danger, are panicking, with your both hands. You will have to climb this via ferrata up and then down.

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