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Swifi won Trust Square biggest blockchain Hackathon #SBHACK21

Swifi won Trust Square biggest blockchain Hackathon #SBHACK21

Exhausted but really happy about our team CM2P (Cédric Walter, Michael Sladoje, Mike Schälchli 🚀 and Potsie Rivera) efforts and results at the Trustsquare #sbhack21 #blockchain #hackathon

48 h coding and 4 hours sleep 🥳

The winners were announced on Sunday, 31 October 2021, at 2pm CET

We tackled the Julius Baer Stable Coin Challenge and build it on #Algorand#Streamr, Amazon Web Services (#AWS) and #google #flutter for the mobile stack.

For #SBHack21 Jury we built the best Solution on Algorand and we won the Overall Winner 3rd Prize as well as a CV Labs Fast Track Ticket! 

▪️ 347 participants
▪️ 69 teams
▪️ 31 nationalities
▪️ 5 blockchain protocols: Algorand, Casper, Velas, Near, Streamr
▪️ 16 challenges

Check our submission and 3 min video

It was lot of fun! And absolutely terrific for extending my network with new contacts and Meeting old friends

347 hackers in 69 teams worked on the diverse challenges provided by Bossard, the City of Lugano, Dexgame Julius Bär, NZZ, Richemont, Canton of Ticino, Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Swiss Post, Casper, SEBA Bank, Nomoko, ZHAW & FairRecycling, and Lumas Gallery. The challenges ranged from Fake News detection, private decentralized finance platforms, smart factory logistics and smart assembly solutions, decentralizing the cheese value chain, gaming, safely transferring identity data, building permits, a local economy reward, crypto wallets and stable coins for a bank, switching energy suppliers, a non fungible token (NFT) marketplace, emission certificates, digital art ownership transfers, and more.

Closing video in 36 seconds

Thanks to everyone who was part of this great event and helped shaping the idea with the team!