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Enable FCC Mode on DJI FPV System (700mw 8 Channels)

In CE mode, the maximum output is limited to 25 mW, and there are only 4 channels available, while in FCC mode those numbers are increased to 700 mW and 8 channels. 

NOTE that you should follow your local regulations regarding which mode to use.

How to switch to FCC mode from CE mode

  • Take the micro SD Card out of the Air Unit
  • Create a text file on the root directory, name it naco.txt
  • Write 1 in the file, which means FCC mode for USA or any other number according to this list:
    • 1 – FCC mode for US, 8 Channels
    • 2 – FCC mode for Canada 4 Channels
    • 3 – HK CE 4 Channels
    • 4 – CN SRRC 4 Channels
    • 5 – JP Japan 3 Channels
    • 6 – KR Korea 4 Channels
    • 7 – BR Brazil 4 Channels
    • 8 – FR CCA 4 Channels
  • Insert SD card in the Air Unit
  • Power up goggles, and then Air Unit

 in the Player menu you should see now 8 channels.

Attention updating the firmware on your DJI FPV goggles and Air Unit will always reset the power setting back to the default settings according to your region!

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