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Enable 1200 mw Mode on DJI FPV System


  • You should follow your local regulations regarding which mode to use.
  • Long term hardware effects are unknown
  • You get more or less 30% more range
  • Your system must be already in FCC mode
  • Enable Power Limit as it add some protections against overheating.

  • Create a .txt file, name it naco_pwr.txt
  • Type pwr_2 or pwr_1
    • pwr_1 = 1000 mW
    • pwr_2 = 1200 mW & 1000 mW
  • Save and close
  • Copy naco_pwr.txt to an SD card
  • Put SD card in DJI goggles
  • Power on Goggles and Air Unit

 Now in the Goggles menu, under Settings -> Device, you should be able to select 1200 mW or 1000 mW

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