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Armattan Marmotte 5 DJI Edition

Armattan Marmotte 5 DJI Edition

The Armattan Marmotte is the culmination of everything that Armattan learned during the design process of their previous flagship multi-rotors. The design is clean and sturdy, the cage has been redesigned and is entirely in Titanium to protect your camera.

This new frame is approx 115 grams, made of 4 mm carbon with a life time warranty on all Carbon Fiber and metal pieces!

The tilting mechanism can be oriented to a low 10 degrees or so up to 90 degrees. The front camera position now remove props from view of the HD stream.

The frame is 5 inch prop compatible, but the longer body means you can more easily fit an HD camera and a bigger lipo, even at higher tilt.  It is definitely bigger compare to my previous Armattan Chameleon Ti 5” (top).

The longer body means you can more easily fit a GoPro/ DJI HD camera and a bigger lipo (4 to 5S)

Mounting the Armattan Marmotte

This Bag contains everything needed to build your Armattan Marmotte 5 Dji Edition

A lot of space to mount your DJI Air Unit. A custom 2 sided 3M foams to mount the DJI Air Unit is provided and reduce damages during impacts.

Zoom on the titanium tilting mechanism that fully protect your DJI camera.

4 screws to secure your flight controller. I personally don’t like the fact that the controller is not in the middle of the X shape like in the Armattan Chameleon.

Mounting the electronic together.

The DJI Air System has plenty of space. An extended-aluminum rear provides a protected tail, the raised lips on the front and rear metal help keep you from damaging the carbon frame.

View on the frame.

And now let’s go flying!

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