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SecurityImages 5.0.0RC1

SecurityImages 5.0.0RC1
com_securityimagesThanks to the feedback from my forum, I am happy to offer you SecurityImages 5.0.0RC1, which I hope is now bug free.

A big documenting effort is now starting in my WIKI ( in the new section

Writing articles there has never been easier thank to a WYSIWYG editor. Feel free to extend the documentation there.


BUG: white page report after check. was occurring because of not initialized parameter in system plugin.
BUG: In administrator back-end, clicking in menu Components – SecurityImages instead of a submenu directly
was showing a white page, this was because of a non default task in the controller class
BUG: Some people report an error while using a language different than English. Since SecurityImages is not
fully localized, fallback to English (en-GB.com_securityimages.ini) if there is no file available.
BUG: fixed non existing static (about, manual) files and fallback to English instead of crashing
NEW: add missing translations for file operations.
NEW: sort languages files and remove duplicated entries
BUG: Found thanks to regression testing
Fatal error: Call to undefined function sendMailLogsToAdmin() in
\administrator\components\com_securityimages\class\logUtils.php on line 82

Note 1: A recaptcha ( integration is currently developed as a plugin for SecurityImages.

Note 2: Use of SecurityImages for #Joomla!1.0 have not seen any update since a while. I will now back port some
changes and solve issues in the new version 4.3.3 to be available soon.

Note 3: install the latest component ( and
system plugin (


Some Words on regression testing

NEW: regression testing with Selenium ( is now possible thanks to a
new switch in administrator panel.
This put SecurityImages in such a state that it will accept all user submissions if they enter ‘test123’.
This mode is only useful for regression testing using automated tools. This mode is required because
there is otherwise no way to recognize the captcha without huge CPU cost.
DONT USE FOR PRODUCTION SITE. This is only useful for developer or person wanting to judge the
quality of the version. Selenium tests are located in a zip file name located in

To start Selenium Test cases, there is currently many ways (PHP, Java, HTML). The most easiest for End-user
or amateur is to use Selenium IDE (a Firefox plugins),


  • All tests are trying to log to admin panel if needed using the login/password admin, will avoid that in a future version
  • All tests are made for testing hncaptcha, but still try to create images using all other plugins
  • Currently 26 tests are available.

How to start TestCases

  1. Install the plugin for Firefox download now
  2. Un compress all testcases from zip 
  3. Start the plugin by going to Firefox menu ToolsSelenium IDE
  4. A floating windows open, go to Menu FileOpen Testsuite
  5. Open the file securityimages.testsuite
  6. Adapt the Base URL to point to the root of your Joomla installation
  7. Run all tests  or only a bunch

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