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Regression testing of SecurityImages 5.0.X

Regression testing of SecurityImages 5.0.X


I’ve done my homework today, in order to insured the
release quality and avoid manual testing of SecurityImages
at every release, I release Selenium testcases so anybody/
any developer can run them against their homepage.



  • Extract this zip file in a new directory (link soon available)
  • Load the test suite (set of tests) named securityimages.testsuite

  • Take care at the Base URL, in test suite I use http://localhost/T1 put the right base of course, for example
  • The user login/password has to be changed to an existing user! 
  • SecurityImages has to be put in TEST mode. This is a new setting in administrator panel. This force SecurityImages in this mode to accept only the word “test123” as captcha response and nothing else. This is because I can not read, or find in the test case the word hidden in the picture without a lot of effort.
  • Testsuite is working only for HNcapctha at the moment.
  • You can run all test cases in the suite by clicking on seleniumSecurityImages2 or just one or two with seleniumSecurityImages3 but in that case don’t forget to also always select the test InitializeTestcases.test (use ALT GR)


seleniumSecurityImages4Currently only 4 tests are not working, and this because selenium can not submit the contact and register form of Joomla! this has nothing to do with my code.


The next step is to put everything in XINC…

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