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Preview of SecurityImages 5.2.0

Preview of SecurityImages 5.2.0

An insight at securityimages 5.2.0 still in development, as usual, all comments are welcome either in this post or in my forum

NEW: fonts are now auto detected, and a better widget is now available for selecting them, sorry still no font preview in php 😉


You can install your own true type fonts at /administrator/components/com_securityimages/fonts
This replace the combo box which was prone to user entries errors…

NEW: More fine grained control on the type of plugin you would like to use on a per section/category basis.
A small captcha for the login module, and a bigger one or a totally different rendering algorithm in register for example.

NEW: A check to avoid some user choosing plugin/version combinations that do not exist..


NEW: A new API for recaptcha/ existing section that make integration a lot more easier. Old API still available for backward compatibilities.

NEW: Sound! developed for securityimages AND also will be also committed to #Joomla Comment trunk.

SecurityImages create audible CAPTCHA codes as WAV files by combining sound files of each letter and number that appears in the character set.

  • A feature that has taken 3 years to be integrated…
  • It increase the component size by 320kb !
  • It can only speak English at the moment…
  • It can not speak special character (#%&)

AJAX: start of a POC which allow captcha to be checked asynchronously without needing submit of whole page. This is a major complain since the beginning of SecurityImages, as currently users lost their entries in the form in case the captcha challenge get refused. I will try to use JQUERY/XAJAX

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