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OpenComment recommended upgrade

OpenComment recommended upgrade

XAJAX team has release a new version of its library for PHP and ajax: XAJAX 0.2.5

xajax 0.2.5 has been created as a bridging step to xajax v0.5. xajax 0.2.5 aims to be forwards and backwards-compatible with xajax versions, while at the same time providing important security updates that have been lingering around in the xajax codebase for a while
It’s been just over one year since we released our last version of xajax and it was about time we released another version. Work on v0.5 has been going well and we’re almost ready for a release, but there were a few things that couldn’t wait for the next version. Thats where xajax 0.2.5 steps in. For a start, we’re getting things ready for you to move over to the new xajax v0.5 syntax by letting you use easier to use methods to respond to client requests. We’ve also fixed up a few bugs that have been lingering around and been annoying everyone for some time. Last but not least, we’ve fixed up a couple of important security vunerabilities.

I’ve made a new version of the mambot

Just remove the mambot and install this new version XAJAX System Mambot For #Joomla (look in my download section). I am running also now OpenComment 3.0.30 with the latest version of Xajax

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