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OpenComment 3.0.12

The component OpenComment is under heavy testing, a big thanks to all users posting bugs report in the Bug tracker Forums

  • NEW: Search function in query control panel
  • BUG: Found latest error in installer file
  • BUG: No more <? starting tag but <?php     was revealed by users using PHP5 and Magic_Quote = OFF in PHP.ini
  • BUG: Solve small bugs in administrator panel.
  • NEW: A new settings:  Users Posting History, how long a user can not submit a new comment in the same article This do not let user press submit more than once. Default is 10 minutes. Algorithm is based on a new table opencomment_postinghistory which store ip, referrer, article id
  • NEW: No more using the PHP mail API but the #Joomla! mosMail(), this solve also the bug  HTML feedback sent as text.
  • BUG: Internet Explorer layout no more disturb by missing columns.
  • BUG: Comment footer is looking better.
  • PENDING: Encoding problem, problem occurring in IE under some conditions, not in FIREFOX. Since AJAX do not access to #Joomla APIs, I’ve put an encoding selector in the administrator panel (utf-8 or iso-8859-1)
  • PENDING: Add  a mode feedback, telling the user if he is replying or submitting a new comment.
  • PENDING: putting presentation layer in PatTemplate file (Priority 2 but needed for speeding output as code is a mess and doing too much string concatenations)

You can download the latest version at the forge or on my site.

Note: I have some problem with the server: 44 000 visitor in 8 days, 200.000 hits a days, Apache is eating the CPU at breakfast (load goes up to 97%, and is steady at 11%, recommended is < 1.00%). While I am sure that the problem is software related, I have temporary switch OpenComment and the demo site off. This has not reduce the load. So the problem is elsewhere.

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