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Module Nimbus for Joomla! Tags of Phil Taylor


If you would like to use the same tag cloud as the one I am using at the bottom of this page, you will be please by the release of this new module for #Joomla! call Nimbus.

I came across Joomulus module a while ago, it goes through your #Joomla! articles content and create a tag cloud:

A tag cloud or word cloud (or weighted list in visual design) is a visual depiction of user-generated tags, or simply the word content of a site, used typically to describe the content of web sites. Tags are usually single words and are typically listed alphabetically, and the importance of a tag is shown with font size or color.

This is the solution you are looking for, and you should not need to read any further if you DO NOT USE Joomla! Tags from Phil Taylor.

But I am using a proprietary tagging solutions since 2 years that I like very much: #Joomla Tags from Phil Taylor

Joomla Tags is a #Joomla Extension for adding tags to #Joomla Content. Use #Joomla Tags to allow content classification by keywords (Tags), can also be used to create virtual categories to add content into, over coming #Joomla! single section/category structure

That’s why I decide to drop Joomulus, and mix both solutions (Joomulus  + Joomla! tags) to create a new module: Nimbus, which is Free, released under GPL v3.

Why did I choose Nimbus as a name? for obvious reasons:


A nimbus cloud is a cloud that produces precipitation. Usually the precipitation reaches the ground as rain, hail or snow, however, that is not a requirement, falling precipitation may evaporate before reaching the ground 


So for resuming



  • Native Joomla! 1.5 module,
  • Code produced is XHTML 1.0 Strict,
  • Tested in the following browser Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE 8
  • Approved soon at Joomla Extension JED,
  • GPL v3.0 Open Source License
  • Non commercial.


  • Install like any other Joomla! module using the build in installer.
  • Publish the module
  • Switch caching off to be able to test different configuration without waiting till the global Joomla! cache timeout

There are a lot of settings to play with:



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