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Joomla! tagging solution

Joomla! tagging solution

I have way too much article now on this site…I just can’t find any articles anymore (except with Google). That’s the right time to introduce tags!

Tags are used to store information about a document, image or other online content to help searching. Social networking web sites such as (photo-sharing) and (bookmark sharing) use member-created tags as a means of organizing and popularizing content.

Unfortunately Joomla! does not have this functionality in its core… but thanks to #Joomla! extensible plugin architecture, many solutions are available:

Joomla! Tags from Phil-Taylor (

2270_tags The "oldest" and with famous Phil Taylor support, you pay for a premium component and a very good software. Only drawback: it is not open source and free as in beer.

  • Simple – Very Simple!
  • Inclusive – No programming needed!
  • Powerful – Total Control
  • Flexible – Add tags in many ways
  • Unlimited – Tags creates new pages
  • Google Bait – Google loves Tags
  • PHP5 Supported !!!!
  • 100% Translatable
  • More feature being developed daily at the moment (May 2007)
  • Now 100% compatible with: Fireboard, #Joomla 1.5.x, #Joomla 1.0.x, Official SMF Bridge, OpenSEF, SEF Advance and Joom!Fish !!!
  • Joomla Tags is a #Joomla extension, two modules and mambot that gives you the power and ability to tag content and to produce tag links, keyword clouds and pages within your #Joomla Web site
  • Works on #Joomla 1.5.x WITH or WITHOUT legacy plugin enabled!
  • Works on #Joomla 1.0.x

Jtags (

Free open source #Joomla! Tagging Solution. Powerful & Simple!

While editing, below the article text box, there is a new text field "insert tags" like in the picture:


  • User is able to tag content without clicking on Insert Tags button.
    Tags are saved automatically just after article is saved, so everything is saved after clicking on the main Save button.
  • The demo site of Jtags is here
  • Download from here

Joomla Tags Component and Tag Cloud Module

A promising component with Ajax and nearly all functionality of joomla! Tags, it is for sure not as mature and still in alpha stage for both Joomla! 1.0 and Joomla! 1.5.x


You’ll need to install the Tag Component and the Tag Content Plugin and publish it in order to get it working.
Optional are the Tag Cloud Module and the Auto Tag Plugin.

Tag Cloud Component Features:

Joomla Tag Content Plugin Features:

  • Displays the tags inline in articles
  • Registered users can add tags.
  • Adding tags is done via AJAX in the background, while the tags update automatically.

Joomla Tag Cloud Module Features:

  • Displays a tag cloud – alphabetical, with tag density determining size of the tag.
  • Displays a related tag cloud – A density based cloud for the content being viewed, whether section, category, or list of tagged articles, or list of tags.

Joomla Auto Tag Plugin Features:

  • Automatically tags each Content Item when viewed.
  • At the moment, single keyword tags are pulled from the title, however we plan to add full context analysis, 2,3 word phrases, stemming etc. in the future versions.

So you can expect to enjoy tags on my site in a near future… as soon as I did test all 3 solutions on my test site.

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