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Joomla! figures for 2006

In 2005, 2006…

  • 98’552 downloads at least for my #Joomla! plugins.
  • Joomla Extensions directory is serving today 1185 extensions to the community, so I deliver, modesty apart, 0.93% of them

My Forum (open in July 2006)

Total Members:206
Total Posts:754
Total Topics:188

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Joomla! GPL components downloads

Project nameStartedDescriptionDownloads
SecurityImages09/29/2005 Security Images or CAPTCHA for Joomla! read more…992626 00035 926
OpenComment06/17/2006 OpenComment is a totaly new AJAX commenting system for Joomla!. read more…3464no3464
Akobookplus09/29/2005 Modified version of the great akobook from  arthur konze, This
version now protect  JOOMLA guestbook entries from spammers. read more…
334613 00016 346
AkocommentPlus09/29/2005 Modified version of the great akocomment from arthur konze, This
version now protect JOOMLA comments from spammers. read more…
802121 50029 521
Hashcash 09/29/2005 Hashcash technology for Joomla Forcing the spammer to pay the price
(computing power) before submitting rubish to Your homepage (comments, guestbook for
example). read more…
module_rssfriends09/2006Let visitors add Your site RSS easily to most famous online RSS agregators.200
mambot Sociable09/2006Let visitor promote your articles to sociable networks (digg, del.icious,)1869no1869
JoomlaCloud01/11/2006Tag Cloud technology for Joomla A tag cloud (more traditionally known as a
weighted list in the field of visual design) is a visual depiction of content tags used on a
website. read more…
component sitemap499no499
module open source support685no685
Log4PHP Consistent and quality logging at a glance for JOOMLA Log4php is a php port of Log4j read more…110913502469

* DocMan internal statistics table
** Joomla forge statistics
*** Some components are also offered on other Portal, or used with Mambo (log4php, securityimages, hashcash) so these numbers represent a grant minimum number of downloads

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