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Joomla Components troubleshootings, support, help

Joomla Components troubleshootings, support, help


Golden Rules

Do not contact me first directly, these components are used worldwide (in the million range for some of them)  and I can not help personally all people, even if I try…

Use Google first

Do yourself a favor, use Google, you’ll get a response (nearly) at the speed of light, try to copy your error message or summarize your issue in keyword and append (or not) the name of the component like for example SecurityImages + require GD2

Use up to date versions

If your issue is not a previous or existing Bug, check if you have the latest version running, if not upgrade to the latest,

Collaborative documentation

Check also in my WIKI for the online documentation, if you find there any errors or find a better way to explain something, just EDIT the page! it is a WIKI after all…

Collaborative support

There is a lot of valuable people on forums, the official forum is at and it may be able to help You, a lot of users give their free time back to the community.

The official forums has currently 2251 Posts in 598 Topics by 854 Members. I did write 770 posts alone…

Help you each other

For the same reason, if You solve Your problem, publish how you did solve your issue!!! this may help someone else in the community

  • On your homepage,
  • On ANY forums, my forum would just be more efficient
  • On ANY WIKI, or my wiki
  • On any other medium you can think off 🙂
  • Send me an email so I can help others in the future…
  • Please, give your time back, if you see someone struggling on a trivial issue for you…


It may be a Bug, so first search into the forum or into the tracker to see if this issue is known. Please try to be as descriptive as possible: URL of your site, PHP info as a dump, error messages if available.

You can enter a new bug in English, German or French, I can’t read/understand at the moment  any other languages sorry.

I do a lot of bugs like other developers, while I still do not accept it, it is a reality…but I always try to do my best and I will correct issues as fast as possible…


Security issues will be solved ASAP if not immediately, send me an email starting with [SECURITY] or contact me if I am not already aware of the issue.


If you still do not get my components working, or found help in a reasonable delay,  send me: URL, login and password for your administrator panel, so I can check if everything is right (I need to be admin or superadmin to install remove my components!)


Are always welcome to keep up with the cost of the server hosting

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